Administrators and Staff

Martha Allgood
Assistant to Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 423.478.7722
E-mail: mallgood2@ptseminary.edu

Anita Blevins
Director of Academic Records and Registrar
Phone: 423.478.7021
E-mail: ablevins@ptseminary.edu

Teresa Gilbert
Executive Assistant to the President/Coordinator Special Events
Phone: 423.478.7702
E-mail: tgilbert@ptseminary.edu

Julie Green
Coordinator of Admissions
Phone: 423.478.7725
E-mail: jgreen@ptseminary.edu

Alanna Henry
Director of Administrative Services
Phone: 423.478.7705
E-mail: ahenry@ptseminary.edu

Glenda Mason
Executive Assistant to VP for Academics / Coordinator of Assessment Data
Phone: 423.478.7524
E-mail: gmason@ptseminary.edu

Barbara McCullough
Director of Squires Library
Phone: 423.614.8561
E-mail: mccullough@leeuniversity.edu

Ken Smith
Director of Information Technologies
Phone: 423.478.7736
Email: helpdesk@ptseminary.edu

Robin Sluder
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 423.478.7727
E-mail: rsluder@ptseminary.edu

Joylita Ward Terpstra
Director of Donor Services & Alumni Relations
Phone: 423.478.7020
E-mail: jterpstra@ptseminary.edu

Jeannie Trew
Executive Assistant to Vice President for Ministry Formation/D.Min. Director
Phone: 423.478.7037
E-mail: jtrew@ptseminary.edu

Elizabeth Walters
Account Receivable Assistant
Phone: 423.478.7728
E-mail: lwalters@ptseminary.edu

Phil Woods
Director of Facilities & Support Services
Phone: 423.478.7993
E-mail: pwoods@ptseminary.edu

Welton Wriston, D.Min
Director of Student Services & Care Coordinator
Phone: 423.478.7250
E-mail: wwriston@ptseminary.edu