Ranked Faculty

J. Ayodeji Adewuya, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Phone: 423.478.7934
E-mail: aadewuya@ptseminary.edu

Tom Biller, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Counseling
Phone: 423.479.5672

Ron Cason, D.Min.
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology
James W. Hamilton Chair for Teaching Lay Involvement
Phone: 423.478.7713
E-mail: rcason@ptseminary.edu

Robert D. Crick, D.Min.
John D. Nichols Endowed Chair of Benevolence, Compassion and Care
Phone: 423.240-8031
E-mail: cricksot@att.net

R. Hollis Gause, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament and Theology
Phone: 423.478.7726
E-mail: hgause@ptseminary.edu

Chris Green, D.Min., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theology
Phone: 423.478.7667
E-mail: cgreen@ptseminary.edu

Sang Ehil Han, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academics
Professor of Theology and Spirituality
Phone: 423.478.7973
E-mail: shan@ptseminary.edu

Cheryl Bridges Johns, Ph.D.
Professor of Discipleship and Christian Formation
Phone: 423.478.7729
E-mail: cjohns@ptseminary.edu

Jackie D. Johns, Ph.D.
Professor of Discipleship and Christian Formation
Phone: 423.478.7948
E-mail: jjohns@ptseminary.edu

Terry Johns, D.Min.
Associate Professor of Social Ethics and Wholistic Mission
Director of Distance Education
Phone: 423.478.7302
E-mail: tjohns@ptseminary.edu

Steven Jack Land, Ph.D.
Professor of Pentecostal Theology
Phone: 423.478.7933
E-mail: sland@ptseminary.edu

Lee Roy Martin, D Th.
Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Languages
Phone: 423.790.0992
E-mail: lmartin@ptseminary.edu

Oliver L. McMahan, Ph.D.
Vice President of Ministry Formation/Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling
Phone: 423.478.7037
E-mail: omcmahan@ptseminary.edu

Douglas W. Slocumb, D.Min.
Director of Counseling and Assessment
Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Ministries
Phone: 423.478.7036
E-mail: dslocumb@ptseminary.edu

John Christopher Thomas, Ph.D.
Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies
Phone: 423.790.0992
E-mail: cthomas@ptseminary.edu

Welton Wriston, D.Min
Director of Student Services & Care Coordinator
Instructor of Supervised Ministry and Care
Phone: 423.478.7250
E-mail: wwriston@ptseminary.edu

Wilfredo Estrada-Adorno, D. Min.
Director of the Center for Latino Studies
Professor in Practical Theology and Latino Studies
Phone: 423.478.7676
E-mail: westrada@ptseminary.edu

Blayne Waltrip, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Global Missions and Church Planting
Director of the Center for Global Education and Mission
Phone: 423.478.7469
E-mail: bwaltrip@ptseminary.edu