Alumni and Friends

Welcome to the Alumni section of our website. It is designed to provide alumni news, maintain friendship connections, offer an alumni locater service, share prayer needs, announce Alumni Fellowships and State/Region representatives, and share alumni projects to which you can contribute. We are open to your suggestions and ideas for future Alumni activities.

We now have over 1,300 PTS Alumni in ministries around the globe. While we miss each other’s fellowship one alumnus aptly stated, “We did not come to stay, we came to leave”.
May God bless you wherever you are today!
Joylita Terpstra
Director of Donor Services and Alumni Relations

Ministry Opportunities
Anyone interested in hiring a graduate to serve in your church or ministry, please contact the Alumni Office at 800-228-9126. We will inform upcoming graduates of ministry opportunities. Graduates looking for ministry placement should contact the Director of Placement, Dr. Douglas Slocumb (800-228-9126).